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Mixing and Dispensing System
Medical & Industry Laboratory Product range.


DAC 1100 Mixers Range none-vacuum & vacuum

DAC 1100 Mixers DAC 1100.1 FVZ DAC 1100.2 VAC-P Vacuum machine

  Range over view    
  DAC 1100.1 FVZ Timer 5 seconds to 10 minutes  
  DAC 1100.2 VAC-P Timer 5 seconds to 10 minutes Vacuum machine
    Mixes - 800g to 1000g  
    (1100g including cup)  



Some of the containers used across the product range

Matching Containers

All SpeedMixers use disposable Jars and Lids. This eliminates clean-up and has the added advantage of enabling the user to store material once mixed.