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Mixing and Dispensing System
Medical & Industry Laboratory Product range.


Cartridge and syringe mixing holders

Cartridge and syringe mixing

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Time to make a Stir! - Page 3

DAC 150.1 FV-K New Product image T/FThe dual asymmetric DAC 150 FV-K shown in the photograph works by spinning a high speed-mixing arm in one direction while the basket rotates in the opposite direction (thus, the name - Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge). This combination of forces in different planes enables incredibly fast mixing, and yet the precision construction of each machine gives it a balance that allows amazingly quiet operation
With this instrument, the typical mixing time for fully dispersing a colour paste in a silicone sealant is less than 10 seconds; for mixing fumed silica or precipitated chalk silicone formulations 8 - 14 seconds will normally suffice. These are both operations that would otherwise require 3 hours or more of mixing time, and they can only be done in quantities of 1 litre or greater. Mixing never incorporates air and additional mixing time removes air from the blend, yielding a finished product when the mixing process is done. Fluids of widely differing viscosities can be blended quickly.
This technology is so diverse and lends itself to mixing one and 2 part silicones, epoxies, polyurethanes, polysulfides, acrylics and a wide range of other materials. There are certainly a great number of products not included in this list that can benefit from the use of the SpeedMixer™ technology. With disposable cups, syringes & cartridges there is no worry about contamination in colour master batches, pharmaceutical products, or other sensitive materials...

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