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Mixing and Dispensing System
Medical & Industry Laboratory Product range.


Cartridge and syringe mixing holders

Cartridge and syringe mixing


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Synergy Devices Ltd
Unit 2, Network 4
Cressex Business Park
Lincoln Road
High Wycombe
HP12 3RF

Contact: Derek Williams-Wynn
Email: dww@speedmixer.co.uk
Tel: 01494 769020


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Time to make a Stir!

The current pace of technological change is so fast that there are inevitably sectors of the industrial world yet to embrace the 21st century’s opportunities and inventions.

We all have our fair share of catching up to do but there is one British company SYNERGY DEVICES LTD with a mission:  to be instrumental in providing cutting edge technology.   Realising the potential of their idea they are, without hesitation, tackling the metaphorical steep hill and are slowly but surely assisting and convincing many companies to break through traditional methods and look beyond.

SDL are primarily involved in providing solutions for mixing, blending, and homogenising of raw materials, whether in the form of liquid, powder or pastes using a dual asymmetric, non-invasive mixing technique.

Attention to this subject is still in the embryonic stage, particularly where mechanical units with moving parts consuming large amounts of expensive energy are involved and in many cases, the mixing time is very short compared to the post-mix cleanup – a time consuming, labour intensive and expensive activity.     

In some circumstances, because some manufactures use the conventional type of mixer i.e. planetary, blade etc, there is a risk of exposure to the operator when cleaning. Not only that, very often larger amounts are needed to be mixed in order to compensate for the waste material collecting on the side of the mixing vessel or on the blade.   Waste disposal is not a cheap option.

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