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Mixing and Dispensing System
Medical & Industry Laboratory Product range.


Cartridge and syringe mixing holders

Cartridge and syringe mixing

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The smaller laboratory size machines offer a maximum mixing batch weight of 100 grams, (150g total, including the mixing cup, lid, and holder). The design of the SpeedMixer™ is such that the cups are used with holders that have weights designed to maintain the balance of the machine. Mixing weights can be as little as 0.1 gram in the laboratory model but can reach and amazing 3000 gm in the larger machines.

One would be hard pushed not to think of a use for these machines, the imagination has created applications for lab screening of development formulations and formulation components. Quality Assurance and control testing with the larger machines offering small volume production. The incredible speed of mixing / grinding allows a complete sealant, coating, plastisol, or adhesive batch to be made in less than 5 minutes! The bottleneck now becomes the weighing operation, not the mixing / grinding. This makes every SpeedMixer™ user a better compounder, since it allows the mixing of many iterations that would otherwise go untested due to time constraints. The SpeedMixer™ DAC 150 FV-K has proven itself extremely useful for tests involving cure rates, colours, and appearance, as well as the measurement of basic physical properties. This permits the screening of numerous formulations before the next phase of development scale-up.

The operator has to think a little differently to conventional mixing techniques but once the phenomenon has been mastered and the understanding of the rheology versus time and speed, the quantity and size of vessel to carry out the mixing can be easily determined.

Hand mixing and stirring ingredients with blades using conventional techniques whether it is food, pharmaceutical, paints or dyes, it is time to wave au revoir and see the bigger picture. SYNERGY DEVICES LTD is the kind of company that will offer the flexible approach to the inevitable changes to the material world.

SDL have a website and can be contacted on www.speedmixer.co.uk

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